SWIARC Dinner Tues, 30 Dec

We’ve moved the dinner meeting to TUESDAY, 30 DEC 2014, 6:30PM at the Chinese buffet restaurant on Broadway at 17th in Council Bluffs. The really good news about this is they have lower prices on Tuesdays, $11 vs $12 (with drink), and they’ll give us a break on that to TEN ($10.50) FIFTY per person for our group.
Show up at 6:30PM or a little later and enjoy typical Americanized Chinese buffet with your friends. Bring a spouse. ALL ARE INVITED. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A SWIARC MEMBER TO ATTEND.
OPTIONAL GIFT EXCHANGE: Wrap up (not fancy, just hide the stuff) a ‘junkbox’ gift with a value $10 or greater. We’ll stand in a circle and pass them around until everyone’s ‘felt’ each gift and then open them. Now come on, be generous. If it’s a dual needle SWR meter with one broken needle, then add a second item, maybe a nice selection of chocolate candies. This is not $10 asking price but the actual sale value.
SWIARC meetings are held 4th Thursdays, 7:30PM, at the Council Bluffs Red Cross, North 16th at ‘G’ Street. (Except like, in November when it conflicts with Thanksgiving – switched to 3rd Thurs 11/20- and sometimes in December when we have a dinner meeting like this year at the Chinese place 12/27 instead.) All are welcome. (Be early.) For more info, get on the Co/Bluffs 146.82 R- repeater or E/M to Greg, N0GR at ARRL dot net, or Rich, WA0ZQG at Hotmail.
If you’re new around here, one way to get acquainted is to
visit a club meeting or get in on some local nets like:
Sunday 9PM 146.94 R-
Monday 7PM 145.29 R-
Monday 9PM 146.94 R-
Tuesday 8PM 50.200 USB
Wed 9PM 146.82 R-
Sat Noon Swap Net 146.82 R-
There are a bunch of other nets on other repeaters. Look further down here – the articles below – for a list of 2M and 440 repeaters. Note: Only the first half dozen articles are displayed on the Home Page here. You have to get into the last displayed article and THEN NOTICE TITLES OF THE NEXT UP or DOWN ARTICLE at the top of the page and click on it to go further down.

Sam K0AFN, Burlington IA

Amateur Publicity

The Council Bluffs paper must have been desperate to fill space Sunday 30 Nov, because other than numerous stories regarding local schools the only major article in Section 1 was this one, an AP report on two old guys over the other side of the state, Sam K0AFN and Mike K0BMW, titled ‘FADING COMMUNICATION MODE.’ …

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WalMart 1.5A Charger

Emergency Power Specs

. It is basic to emergency operation that stations have battery or other auxiliary power sufficient to operate for at least 24 hours. One amp-hour per watt of RF output power in battery capacity should be considered the minimum. “Barefoot” HT operators need at least a pair of 12-volt, 2ah gel cell batteries, extra NiCd …

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FOR SALE: From the estate of Dave BIW KENWOOD KPS-7, 7A p/s, $20 ASTRON 10, 10A p/s, $20 ASTRON 20, 20A p/s x hums a little, $30 ASTRON 20, 20A p/s x (none of these have meters) $40 . DRAKE MN-4C antenna tuner, $75 DENTRON MT-2000A tuner x This one can handle Power, $100 ICOM …

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Schematic via N0GR

Here’s how it works

This is how it works. Test on it tomorrow. (click on pic to enlarge)

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Achtung! Alles Lookenspeepers

Das Elekronikermachinen is nicht fur gefingerpoken und mittengraben. Ist easy schnappen der springenwerk, blowenfusen und poppencorken mit spitzensparken. Ist nicht fur geworken bei der dummkopfen. Das rubbernecken sightseeren keepen hands in das pocketen. Bitte relaxen und watchen alles der blinkenlighten.

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