We had a variety of meters brought to last Thursday’s club meeting, and
while measuring a twelve volt battery had these variations:
12.61 Yellow Harbor Freight digital
12.6 or 7 VIZ (RCA) analog
12.67 Craftsman (Sears) digital
12.69 Red Harbor Freight digital
12.73 Red Harbor Freight digital
12.9 Fluke ‘lineman’ digital
12.9 Triplett 630 analog

Bring meters

Bring meters

Norm JYD brought a Wattmeter and we also had a freq counter.
Our H/Ts showed small variations on .52
146.5210 (thrice)
SWIARC meetings are held 4th Thursdays, 7:30PM, at the Council Bluffs Red Cross, North 16th at ‘G’ Street. (Except like, in November when it conflicts with Thanksgiving – switched to 3rd Thurs – and sometimes in December when we have a dinner meeting somewhere instead.) All are welcome. (Be early.) For more info, get on the Co/Bluffs 146.82 R- repeater or E/M to Greg, N0GR at ARRL dot net, or Rich, WA0ZQG at Hotmail.
If you’re new around here, one way to get acquainted is to
visit a club meeting or get in on some local nets like:
Sunday 9PM 146.94 R-
Monday 7PM 145.29 R-
Monday 9PM 146.94 R-
Tuesday 8PM 50.200 USB
Wed 9PM 146.82 R-
Sat Noon Swap Net 146.82 R-
There are a bunch of other nets on other repeaters. Look further down here – the articles below – for a list of 2M and 440 repeaters. Note: Only the first half dozen articles are displayed on the Home Page here. You have to get into the last displayed article and THEN NOTICE TITLES OF THE NEXT UP or DOWN ARTICLE at the top of the page and click on it to go further down.

Helicopter Hovers

Loose wire

Actually I have no idea what this guy was doing, only that it looked scary. In the first picture you might see a blob on the wire. At that distance you can’t tell it’s a guy in a rubber suit, sort of like the Michelin Man except in black. Pic No. 2 shows the helicopter …

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Kenwood 700 2M SSB

Sgt Bluff Hamfest 2014

This is the KENWOOD 700 2M SSB and FM radio from around 1980 covering all 4 Megs of the band, 1M at a time (see sw, bottom right, 144-5-6-7) with a real VFO (not digital) having a range of 1000 kc. It’s the later model 700S with a digital freq readout vs the earlier 700A …

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YAESU FT-107 at Bellevue

Bellevue NE Hamfest

. Among many local Hams, Norm WA0JYD went to Bellevue and sent back this pic of a rare YAESU 107 HF transceiver. It’s rare partly because of so many other rigs on the market, but also due to it’s WHITE finish, I mean, would YOU want a WHITE rig? Deducing from the lack of tuning …

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Monoband Heath on TV

Heathkit on TV – White Collar

We see this all the time, Amateur rigs on TV or in movies, in this case the TV show WHITE COLLAR and an old HEATHKIT rig used to hear a signal from a WWII Nazi submarine sunk during the war off the East Coast of the US. (It’s still transmitting but you have to be …

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Nick K0NHV with UV5R

Big Baofeng

Nick NHV bought one of those Chinese H/Ts, a Baofeng UV5R from R&L, and added both a tall battery and tall antenna. Seen above, it looks much more impressive (and will talk a lot longer) than the standard model. . He had to pay forty bucks for the H/T from R&L, but likes to deal …

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