Warren N0WF at F/Day 2006

Warren N0WF at F/Day 2006

Warren N0WF passed this month. He has been a SWIARC member at least as far back as our computerized records go, 1992, also member of the Aksarben ARC in Omaha since before that. Besides radio he had an interest and skills with motorcycles and cars, shown here visiting our F/Day at Fairmount Park in 2006. Warren would have celebrated his 55th birthday September 5th.
Saturday 30 August from 8-Noon,
exactly a week before the big OMAHA Hamfest
down in Springfield NE (SW of Omaha a few miles)
on Saturday 06 September 2014.
The big deal in Springfield is the main door prize,
a $299 MFJ SWR Analyzer model 259C.
Everybody’s going to be there. Mark it on your calendar.
SWIARC meetings are held 4th Thursdays, 7:30PM, at the Council Bluffs Red Cross, North 16th at ‘G’ Street. All are welcome. (Be early.) For more info, get on the Co/Bluffs 146.82 R- repeater or E/M to Greg, N0GR at ARRL dot net, or Rich, WA0ZQG at Hotmail.
If you’re new around here, one way to get acquainted is to visit a club meeting or get in on some 2M nets like:
Sunday 9PM 146.94 R-
Monday 9PM 146.94 R-
Wed 9PM 146.82 R-
Sat Noon Swap Net 146.82 R-
There are a bunch of other nets on other repeaters. Look further down here – the articles below – for a list of 2M and 440 repeaters. Note: Only the first half dozen articles are displayed on the Home Page here. You have to get into the last displayed article and THEN NOTICE TITLES OF THE NEXT UP or DOWN ARTICLE at the top of the page and click on it to go further down.

Hamfest pic by Mike KC0FAN

Emerson Hamfest

Along with many others attending the EMERSON IA Hamfest 08/02, Mike KC0FAN sent back this picture of action inside via his phone. Seen at the left (click to enlarge) is Les WB0KFK (Kansas Farm Kid) who always brings his D&L Antenna accessory business to events in our area. One item he offers is the TDX …

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Robert KC0MUX

Robt MUX makes news

OK, so sometimes he goes by ‘Bob’ but he does get around and on Field Day he was with the HEARTLAND HAMS off Hwy 59 North of Shenandoah IA. . A couple other guys got mentioned also. Click on the picture.

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Q2 issue, page 3

Printed Circuit newsletter accuracy

A recent article in SWIARC’s Printed Circuit newsletter has been criticized for accuracy. The article was originally scheduled to be printed first thing a couple of months ago, April I think, but due to editorial and printing issues, was delayed until the 2nd quarter issue just mailed. . Reviewing the article yet again, here are …

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Postcard from Germany

German Hamfest

SWIARC member Brian KM0Y and famed Lincolnite Joe K0NEB (ex WA0WRI) both went to the big Hamfest in Germany held the same day as Field Day here (because no one else anywhere in the world can operate that weekend). . Brian writes: Friends: After the big Hamfest in Friedrischxmumble Germany, Joe K0NEB and I took …

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IC 7000 remote mount

K0FG visits for 50th

Fred K0FG (ex WB0BLR) was in town for his wife’s HS 50th, also to show off his home made HF Mast stabilizer which has survived about 200k miles on his van. (It is however, removable for car washes and the like.) . At the moment the mast sports Hustler coils for 40 & 20M as …

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